It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


James Xavier

My ACL reconstruction surgery was done in this hospital. Before choosing a hospital, I generally do a lot of study. For my surgery, I was doing a lot of research about hospitals and doctors based on reviews on internet, it is when my cousin recommended Dr Nithin. Based on his recommendation, I consulted Dr Nithin. After meeting him, I was fully convinced and impressed by many factors. This is my third week after surgery and I am very satisfied with the overall service in the hospital.

Sree Anjana

We had a very good experience at Sangeeth hospital… The treatment provided was to our satisfaction.

Shabana Ibrahim

Had a very good experience with Dr Geetha. She is one of the very experienced Gynaecologists. We are very satisfied with the treatment and the way patients are dealt with.

Nimisha Antony

Would like to recommend the hospital to everyone. Would like to mention particularly about Dr Anoop and Staff, who are very experienced and provide excellent treatment and care.

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